During the time I was working as a telephone solicitor, I found both of my hands were going numb. At first it was both of my little fingers and then slowly over the weeks all of my fingers and parts of my hands were numb. Needless to say it was not only a disadvantage but also it was becoming frightening. My medical doctor had no answers for me. A friend mentioned a chiropractor that she was seeing and thought that he might be able to help me. i called and made an appointment. What a relief!!! After only a few adjustments all of the feeling returned in my hands. When I thought that I was done with treatments the chiropractor educated me on the benefits of maintenance care. I knew I never wanted to go through that again. Over the years I have experienced many aches and pains but have had excellent results through chiropractic.

Barb M.

I had pain and stiffness in between my shoulder blades and was aching and had numbness in my low back that came around to the front and went down my right leg. I tried everything on my own like stretching and walking for months and nothing was helping. It hurt to work, walk, sit, sleep, drive a car and to lay down. My mother-in-law was seeing Dr. Hornickel so I decided to try it for myself. I couldn’t believe the improvement! I work hard cleaning houses and was worried I wouldn’t be able to continue doing so. Thanks to Dr. Hornickel I’m able to do my job and also the things I enjoy doing, like walking and playing with the grandkids.

Doris S.

I was having severe lower back pain and had slipped on the ice and hurt my left heel. i had tried to take care of it myself but with no success. My wife had already been coming to see Dr. Hornickel and was having great results so she convinced me to call and make an appointment. After a few adjustments it was remarkable how much better my back was doing. I was having a difficult time walking and doing my yard work and now I can do both with no problems.

Jim S.

I love going here! Have been maintained through chronic pain for over a year. Dr Hornickel listens and is very respectful to your needs. Barb in the office is very helpful and friendly. I am so glad they are there for me making my life easier! THANK YOU

Dawn Rilk

I am very happy with my experience at Hornickel Chiropractic. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. My headaches and back pain have been greatly reduced and I feel great!

Stacy Burk

Friendly staff and the adjustments have really helped me. Love the water table too!

Shanika Johnson

I’m very happy with my experience at Hornickel chiropractic clinic. They accommodate my changing schedule and my back feels better than it has in years. Highly recommend.

Richard Hull

Had a lot of back pain due to my job & during my pregnancy. Within a few adjustments, the difference in my pain was significant. Short sessions. Friendly staff. Overall great experience.

Brandy L

Dr. Hornickel was able to help begin relieving my neck and back pain immediately. After following his recommendations for adjustment, I have been pain free. He is also very accommodating for a working schedule.

James Cartwright