Hornickel Chiropractic Clinic

We are conveniently located at 132 E. Maiden St.(next to the Elks). Please feel free to park in front of the office, if we are busy, overflow parking is available at the Elks.

Waiting Room

We want you to feel welcome, so our goal is keep our patient’s wait time to 5 minutes or less before seeing Dr. Hornickel.

Recently we incorporated a new technology call Bemer technology. Bemer is an amazing device that creates Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency or Field that increases the rate at which your body can carry blood and nutrients to the smallest microvascular parts of your body called the capillaries. If you can’t get blood to those areas and remove toxins, you can’t heal properly. Bemer is a mat that you can comfortably lay on for 8-16 minutes and is completely painless. It is excellent for increasing the healing rate for new injuries or old injuries. It helps heal skin issues by improving the flow of blood to that area while detoxifying the area at the same time. Bemer is an excellent adjunctive therapy to use with chiropractic care as it works in conjunction with the adjustment to help your body heal faster.

Exam Room

You will receive an orthopedic/neurologic exam by Dr. Hornickel as well as a computerized Surface Electromyograph to determine the root cause of your condition.

Adjustment Room

You will receive your adjustment by Dr. Hornickel on your 1st visit to the office to begin the process of alleviating your symptoms.

X-Ray Machine

If required, x-rays may be performed on your 1st visit.

Rehabilitation Equipment

To improve elasticity of the connective tissue, strengthen spinal musculature and have longer lasting effects from your treatment, rehabilitation equipment will be utilized to maximize the benefits at our office.

Hydrotherapy Massage Table

After your adjustment you will be placed on a hydrotherapy table to allow the body to relax for a few minutes to allow the adjustment to take effect.